Take Your Degree Abroad In France

Take your degree abroad! A year in France is a great experience not only educationally but also personally and even professionally. With the E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship, the University of Calgary offers the opportunity to go and study abroad for a year in Tours or Dijon, France. It is a chance to expand your knowledge, learn a new language, culture, gastronomy, and even a new way of life.

As a third year undergraduate Arts student, I was given the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Tours thanks to the generous support of the E. Catherine Barclay Scholarship. Tours is a small city in central France full of history in every road and in every building. In the old town part of Tours, a square called Place Plumereau was named the number one place in France to have a drink. Tours is also known for its regional wines and for being a student city, which gives you the opportunity to meet so many young people.

François Rabelais University offers international students a variety of courses including history, language and sciences as well as additional activities such as Loire Valley castle visits, bicycle tours around Tours, the chance to be paired up with a student from the home university, and more. It was a memorable experience that I will carry throughout my university degree. What better way to grow is there than to venture out to a new place to live a new life? You’ll have a unique experience that will not only make you learn about yourself and expand your world view, but also create lifelong memories.

Submitted by Zara Villarreal

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Zara in Monaco
Zara in Monaco

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