Blog Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in submitting a blog! Our blogs are written by students, for students, and are open to anyone that has gone abroad and participated in an individual exchange, internship, research-placement, or group study program facilitated by the University of Calgary.

For the blogs, your submission MUST:

  1. Be between 500-1000 words (or 3 min or less video blog)
  2. Include at least 1-2 high-quality photos related to your blog (note: if anyone’s face is in the photo, they will also need to sign a consent waiver – attached below). Photos should be formatted to 2000 pixels wide x 1500 pixels high without distortion (in jpeg or png format). is a helpful tool for re-sizing and cropping photos.
  3. (Optional) You can add video blogs of no more than 3 minutes in length to your blog (send YouTube link or Google Drive file to email address below).
  4. Adhere to the tips and guidelines on this form
  5. Be submitted with a signed consent waiver form (attached here: Consent and Release for Blogs) to

Blogging Guidelines/Tips:
1. Start with an engaging or interesting lead to your story, a short anecdote that introduces the context for your blog, and makes the reader want to read on. The first 1-3 sentences are often used as a creative lead-in to make readers curious or pull them in to read more.
2. Make sure to fact-check, but historical facts or interesting tidbits can really add to a blog.
3. Write in first person, past tense (only present tense if it is justified to do so – action scene/event).
4. Keep your topic focused on a particular theme, experience, or location. You can mention issues or problems you may have had (sometimes these create the best stories), but try to keep the article positive on the whole.
5. You can create a really fresh article by interviewing locals, including conversations, and/or writing a story for a niche audience or on a niche activity.

Topics can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Tips for those who want to study at/on your host university/program or travel in general
  • Facilities, accommodation, courses, and life on campus
  • Cultural differences and interesting events, holidays, or experiences
  • Sporting events or festivals you attended
  • Your experiences learning or using a different language abroad
  • Interesting unique stories that would engage future students interested in studying abroad
  • Interactions with wildlife, natural locations, and interesting places you visited abroad

Things not to write about or include are:

  • entry requirements/application processes.
  • specific names of teachers/students or their contact information, unless they have signed a consent form (highlighted above).
  • negative comments about any specific people(s).
  • any offensive or suggestive language, or provocative imagery (would you send this to your grandmother?).
  • “play by play” descriptions of anything.
  • any contravention of the laws of a country or policies of the host & home institution.

If you have a suggestion for a blog topic, or a completed blog, that you would like feedback on please feel free to contact us at


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