Top 250 Ranked Partners in the World for Law:
Note: there are no guaranteed spaces for law students at these partner universities, so flexibility in your application is important!
Top 50:
Singapore: National University of Singapore (NUS) *EHAwards (limited space)
Hong Kong: University of Hong Kong *EHAwards
Netherlands: Leiden University
New Zealand: University of Auckland (limited space)
Australia: University of Queensland *EHAwards (limited space)

Top 50-100:
Norway: University of Oslo *EHAwards
Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong *EHAwards (limited space)
Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong *EHAwards (limited space)
Australia: University of Adelaide *EHAwards
Netherlands: University of Amsterdam

Top 101-150:
Finland: University of Helsinki
Australia: University of Western Australia *EHAwards
Scotland: University of Glasgow (#5 in the UK) *EHAwards 

Top 151-200:
Netherlands: University of Groningen
England: University of Exeter *EHAwards
Canada: University of Calgary!

Top 250:
France: Aix-Marseille University (courses taught in French)
Scotland: University of Aberdeen (#10 in the UK) *EHAwards
Mexico: ITESM/Tecnológico de Monterrey *EHAwards

*EHAwards indicates there are up to 3 “Eyes High Awards” available at this partner institution, however places may be more limited than awards available and award selection is amongst undergrad and law students collectively.
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Rankings from QS World University Rankings in Law, 2017.